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San Antonio Trim Carpentry 

Specializing in  Stair Renovations/ Remodeling  

Welcome To Texas Woodwrx

Affordable Trim Carpentry Specialists

San Antonio Stair company specializing in Staircase remodeling and renovations with a  focus on Treads, Risers, Railing, Skirtboards and Balusters - Stair Renovations

What we do

With over 25 years of extensive experience and 

hundreds of satisfied clientele,

we bring a high level of excellence

to your home improvement experience. 


We believe in keeping our  customers 

informed throughout the project.

We want you to know the quality  of service

we are providing  to you.


If you have a stair remodel to replace railing, install treads/risers or iron/wood  balusters, skirt boards, etc,  contact us for  a price. Our rates are very reasonable and we are willing to work as hard as we can to meet your budgeting goals. We refuse to cut corners. And we adhere to the highest standards.

Our goals are to provide you:

 ~Top quality craftsmanship ~


~Valuable insight and solutions to your  staircase remodeling and flooring needs ~


~Satisfaction knowing you were given a great price ~


~Peace of mind that the work was done right  ~